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                     Cimg4738_3       UENO ZOO

I went Ueno Zoo with our guest Claudia-san and her dauthter
Faye-chan( 2 years).
I can hardly go to the zoo without taking children so I was so happy to have such a wonderful company with me.
It is quite interesting not only the children but also adults. Cimg4737_6

First we visited Flamingo then giraffe, hippo which is Faye's favourite animal, and monkeys, white bear, elephants and etc.
It was so hot so the heat made them feel languid.
Some animals were in the shelters resting in the shade and some animals are bathing.
We were excited to see the elephant bathing which was the first time for us to see.
He was so playful and showed us his synchronized swimming by lifting his foot out of the
water ( it was so big like a log !) and his skilful long nose moved so freely.
We enjoyed watching his performance unexpectedly.Cimg4750_2
The heat also made us so tired. We took a rest and had lunch at outside cafeteria which is under the shade of the tree in the zoo.
I and Claudia-san enjoyed chatting after lunch while Faye was enjoying blowing bubbles.
We went back to the apartments around 2:00PMCimg4755 Cimg4754
It was a bit late for Faye to take a nap.
I was afraid our chatteing took little bit long.


Sorry Faye and hoping you had a good sleep.

Your lovely smile always makes us so happy.

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