The schedule of Sanja Festival

The schedule of Sanja Festival is as follows:
May 19, Friday
13:00 The Grand procession starts from Asakusa Kumiai Building.
It Parades through the Asakusa area about 1 hour.
14:00 The Grand procession arrive at Asakusa jinja Shirine.
14:20 Traditional Binzasara-mai is performed until around 15:30.
May 20 ,Saturday
12:30 More than one hundred Mikoshi from all area in Asakusa gathered at Sensou-ji temple.
Each Mikoshi will have a Shinto rite of purification at Sensou-ji Temple before starting
their parade along differet route through the Asakusa neighborhood carrying the Mikoshi.
May 21, Sunday
6:00 Three giant Mikoshi start out from the Asakusa-jinja shrine and parade through the Asakusa
neighborhood.This parade is the climax of the festival and is called "Miyadashi".
18:00 Three giant Mikoshi return to the Asakusa-jinja shirine.

Get on a subway Ginza line at Uenohirokoji and get off at Asakusa sta.Asakusa is three stops from Uenohirokouji and terminal sta. of Ginza Line.

Sanja Festival is one of the biggest festival and very popular.

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